About Us

Luís Silvério e Filhos, S.A.

The company, founded in 1987 by Luis Silvério and Odilia Silvério, has over 25 years of experience, dedicated to fresh and frozen fish commerce. 

Over the years the company built a cutting edge plant in Nazaré, prepared to execute the several operations, such as: preparation (cutting and evisceration) of fresh fish, storage of frozen fish and thawed cephalopods. 

Furthermore, since 1991, Luis Silverio & Filhos S.A. has in his assets a freezing plant, which is primarily used for freezing sardines and octopus located in the same location. 

Luis Silverio & Filhos S.A. has a team of highly motivated employees, following the company's motto "Quality it's our main asset", when dealing with our domestic or foreign customers, making it a company to be reckon with, highly regarded by his peers.

The fresh fish is acquired directly in domestic auctions when arriving from the sea. Luis Silvério & Sons S.A. is a company that respects the sustainability of the species. We also purchase fish in Mauritania, Morocco, Senegal, South Africa, Spain, Norway, Tanzania and Uganda. It's then distributed to the domestic market or to our foreign clients, by customer request. Through our trucking fleet, properly equipped and prepared to send out several tons of fish at the same time, freshness and quality of the fish products is always guaranteed when arriving to the final destination. 

In order to speed up and improve company dynamics, we have two offices: one in Peniche, which is used to prepared fresh fish, and the other in the Supply Market for the Lisbon Region (MARL) is dedicated exclusively to commercialization. 

As a result of years applying our policy of innovative and effective management Luis Silverio & Filhos S.A. is currently among the largest and most prestigious company PME sector in Portugal.

Revenue evolution over the years


The goal of Luis Silverio e Filhos S.A. has always been on product quality, a factor that allows us to be recognized in the market. 

Our company has the NCVeterinário certificate for fresh fish (R011602P) and frozen (R011601P), that can show the high quality standards required by us and imposed by our customers. 

Both the octopus and sardines are frozen in the first degree of freshness without adding water or ice, under the most stringent QUALITY requirements, thus ensuring all the characteristics of freshness and nutritional values until its consumption.

Since 2003 we have implemented in our company the HACCP system, which mainly consists of risk analysis and several checkpoints controls, we have also established a preventive control program for food safety, in order to reduce or minimize contamination risks to the health of consumer.

Our team

Luis Silvério

Luis Silvério
President of the Board of Administration

Paulo Jorge Silvério

Paulo Jorge Silvério
Administrator responsible for auctions purchases

Luís Manuel Silvério

Luís Manuel Silvério
Administrator responsible for International Purchasing and Aquaculture

Raul Paulo Anastácio

Raul Paulo Anastácio
Administrator responsible for Sales and Warehouse Management